The 4th North Carolina Regiment, C.S.A., Inc.

Photo of 4th NC at 135th Antietam

A Maryland Non-Profit Corporation

The 4th North Carolina was one of the hardest fought regiments in the Army of Northern Virginia. The regiment was formed in 1861 around a long standing Iredell County militia company knows as the "Iredell Blues." From this modest beginning, four years of war etched an unparalled record of reliability, valor, and dedication to The Cause that earned them the accolades of their commanding generals and the lasting respect of their opponents. Other than the 1st and 2nd Manassas, the 4th North Carolina Infantry fought in every major engagement of the Civil War, including the distinction of being one of the last to fire volleys at Appomattox. At Sharpsburg/Antietam, the 4th held a fortified position in the Sunken Road, later known as "The Bloody Lane." At Gettysburg, the 4th assisted in driving Union troops out of town on the first day of battle, and guarded the rear ranks as they departed to redeploy for another day. From Seven Pines to Fredericksburg, from Chancellorsville to the Wilderness, and from Spotsylvania to many others, the 4th North Carolina infantry proved what pride, honor, and courage truly were.

Founded in 1968, the present day 4th North Carolina Infantry is one of the oldest and most renouned reenactment units in the Middle Atlantic region. Our membership is drawn from the Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Northern Virginia areas. Widely recognized for our authenticity and belief in safety, we feel we can only do justice to our forefathers and the Confederate soldier through the most accurate representation in clothing, equipment and drill.

In addition to battle reenactments, the 4th N.C. (a Maryland non-profit corporation) and its members involve themselves in unique events such as living history programs, tactical war games, memorial services, period dances, social events, television documentaries, and motion pictures.

Being recognized by many historic sites from the election of 1860 in the town of Harper's Ferry, to a teaching program at Brandy Station for the Boy Scouts, we have earned and learned the value of our heritage.

You can be a great part of us. Recruiting is a special way to bring forth those who wish to continue the education and knowledge of American History. Men aged 16 and above may apply to join our ranks. An auxiliary of female members accentuate and highlight our activities with their beautiful and authentic dress.

Any organization is only as strong as its membership, so therefore, it is our purpose to increase our members to strive in keeping the 4th North Carolina living on to teach future generations about the most traumatic event in our nation's history.

Our annual dues cover the cost of our newsletter, as well as event registration fees, and our insurance costs.

Uniforms, accoutrement and musket information can be discussed in greater detail if you decide to register your interest in joining our ranks. We do strongly urge you to let us help you in any purchases of equipment to guarantee the authenticity and requirements of our unit.

We are looking for serious recruits who wish to be involved in Civil War history. If you wish to join or desire additional information on the 4th North Carolina, please click here.

Last updated 1/18/2014